Apatin Shipyard was founded in 1920 in the town of Apatin, Serbia. It was once known as Boris Kidric Shipyard. From the founding to the present day, capacities of both plants and equipment have been expanded. Over time, the slipway was replaced by a modern 1500 ton synchro lift, halls and workshops were built for the repair and construction of ships indoors.
Throughout its long history, the shipyard has produced over 400 ships and completed hundreds of overhauls.
Today's shipyard is fully equipped for the complete production of ships up to 135m in length, as well as for complete overhauls on ships and vessels.
Following the acquisition of ownership by Arsenal-Rem doo in 2019, the shipyard continues to operate at full capacity, and at the same time it is working on the modernization and reconstruction of all existing shipyard facilities and equipment, as well as the procurement and construction of new equipment and facilities, which will make production and overhaul even more efficient.