The shipyard has the capacity to produce ships of different dimensions and different materials:

1. Steel: production and complete equipment of steel ships with one hull up to 135m length and 15m width (in case of catamaran maximum width is 25m)

1. Aluminum: Production and complete equipment of aluminum ships up to 35 m length and 12m width.

In the Shipyard Apatin we are able to overhaul, modernize and repair different types of ships from rivers or seas (up to 135m in length and 15m width). In the same time we are able to repair up to 10 vessels of different dimensions.

Overhaul, repair and modernization works that we perform:

  • Overhaul of the ship's hull and superstructure
  • Repair of all valves and rudders
  • Repair of shafts, main and auxiliary ship engines
  • Repair and reconstruction of all ship pipelines and tanks
  • Repair of all electrical devices and electrical installations on board
  • Repair and modernization of all electronics and automation systems on board
  • Repair of all types of boat pumps and compressors
  • Remodeling and decorating of all residential spaces, as well as boat kitchens and refrigerators
  • Installation of new devices and systems for desalination of seawater, and installation of waste water collection and purification system on the ship (gray and black waters)
  • Repair, modernization and installation of new navigation, radio and safety systems 
  • Repair of safety boats and davits and cranes