About us

Apatin Shipyard Ltd., a company for the construction and overhaul of ships and vessels, operates at Dunavska obala 2 in Apatin, Serbia. It ownes all the necessary facilities for the construction and overhaul of ships as follows:

  • six closed halls for the construction and repairs of ships,
  • Synchro lift for fast manipulation during lifting and launching of ships in water (load capacity 1500t),
  • two open lanes for repair and construction of ships,
  • hall for construction of aluminum ships,
  • the hall of preparation, and the following workshops: metalworking, ship-mounting, locksmith, mechanics, motor, tubing, electrical workshop, carpentry and sandblasting and dyeing workshops.

All of these facilities are located on a 9-acre parcel in a bayou on the left bank of the Danube river at Apatin town, protected from the main flow of the river.
In addition to the basic activity of building and overhauling ships, other activities, such as overhaul of industrial machinery, design and fabrication of metal structures for various purposes, pipelines, carpentry, etc. are carried out in shipyard facilities.