The company Arsenal-Rem ltd was founded on 13.07.2006. with the main activity of construction and repair of ships.
The company is a family owned company, majority owner is Mr. Pecic Vasilije, MMechE. The company is specialized for overhauling ships of different purposes.
The corporate headquarter of company Arsenal-Rem doo is in Kraljevo, Serbia, while the main facilities are in Raska, where it owns a production hall and overhaul workshops in the area of about 2 hectares.
Other activities of the company Arsenal-Rem ltd are: overhaul of diesel units of various forces, overhaul of construction machines and trucks, overhaul of industrial machines and design and production of metal constructions of various purposes.

During 2019. Company Arsenal-Rem did a successful acquisition of Shipyard Apatin, Serbia, in order to continue and expand its operations.