Apatin Shipyard has decades of experience in the production and overhaul of ships and vessels.
Some of the successfully completed projects for the complete construction and equipping of ships are as follows:

  • 6000 dwt Bulk carrier (seagoing ships)
  • Product tanker with a capacity of 1900 dwt (seagoing ship)
  • Suppliers (marine vessels)
  • Port powerboat of various strengths (seagoing ships)
  • Passenger ships, cruise ships and yachts of various sizes
  • Ro-Ro 1372t, 2x930 kW
  • Fruit and vegetable refrigerated vessels
  • Dredger ships with capacity from 40 to 500 m3 / h
  • Carriers for various loads
  • Tugboats, power from 31 to 822 kW
  • Pushers
  • Barges for various loads from 500 to 1738t


Numerous projects have been successfully implemented in complete overhauls and repairs of different types of ships in the shipyard itself, and especially associated with the company Arsenal-Rem doo, which has extensive experience in the overhaul, modernization and conversion of special purpose ships, we can emphasize the following:

  • Complete overhaul and modernization of frigates 
  • Reconstruction and conversion of rocket gunboats in patrol boats 
  • Repair of merchant ships 
  • Complete overhaul of patrol ships 
  • Reconstruction and conversion of military ships into tourist boats 
  • Repair and modifications of the French rocket ships Kombatan 
  • Repairs of navigable docks and synchro lifts 
  • Overhaul of rocket boats 
  • Repair of the main propulsion engines for frigates 
  • Repair and maintenance of submarines

Arsenal-Rem successfully participated in the projects of overhauling and modernization of the following types of ships for foreign customers: tugboats, rescue boats, commercial boats, passenger boats, freight boats, tug boats, mega yachts etc.